Candidate Assessments

Why use our Candidate Assessment?

  • Nordli, Wilson's candidate assessment reduces the risk you take when choosing a key team member.
  • The assessment helps you identify a good fit between the candidate and the job he or she is expected to do.
  • The assessment uncovers a prospect's talents and development areas.
  • Most importantly, it ensures that the people you hire will support the culture and the values you are attempting to build upon.

Why it's Worth the Investment

The right person can be a tremendous asset to your company; while the wrong person can be an enormous liability. Avoid direct and indirect turnover costs such as lost momentum, poor morale, failed projects, wasted startup time and unrealized opportunities. The assessment also helps your hiring managers maintain objectivity in the hiring process, and assess an applicant's future potential and development needs in order to bring out the best in each new hire.

Judgement and Intellect

The ability to handle concepts, strategies, complexity and ambiguity; problem solving style and approach; measurement of intellectual efficiency, versatility, and decisiveness; relevance and practicality of reasoning; level of attention to detail; level of common sense and street savvy in using intellectual skills.

Maturity and Motivation

Level of honesty and integrity; measurement of reliability, emotional maturity; assessment of self-confidence and resilience; level of drive, sense of urgency and results orientation, self discipline; level of resourcefulness, flexibility and adaptability; degree of ambition, self reliance, personal accountability and initiative; measurement of leadership desire, recognition needs.

Interpersonal Skills

Level of empathy, sensitivity and listening skills; ability to size up people and situations; ability to energize, motivate and develop others; ability to empowered, delegate and coach others; measurement of tolerance for individual, cultural or ethnic differences; capacity to work as part of team, flexibility and adaptability with people.

Executive Skills

Ability to organize, plan and coordinate; measurement of receptivity to feedback, supervision, authority and change; level of service orientation to internal and external constituencies; technical skill sets, measurement of job relevant competencies; managerial skills, capacity to carry out the assignments and responsibilities of the role: fit between organizational style and values and the candidates approach and style.