Consulting Services

Executive Coaching

A resource for individualized learning and fundamental change.

  • Coaching is individually tailored to the persons needs and the presenting concerns
  • Coaching is ongoing assistance for the executive

When is Executive Coaching called for?

  • When an executive wants to optimize his or her work performance
  • When an executive needs a confidential sounding board
  • When an executive has many valued strengths, but a few areas that need improvment
  • To identify the root causes of a problem
  • When others have been reluctant to give feedback
  • When the issue concerns the individual and the solution requires a personalized approach


While each coaching relationship and experience is unique and tailored to the needs of the particular executive, the coaching relationship often begins with an assessment phase.

At the outset the executive goes through a thorough and in-depth assessment including interviewing with the coach and working with some assessment tools. In addition, feedback and data are gathered from others intimately acquainted with the executives day-to-day skills, talents and impact.

Defining an Action Plan

Based on a comprehensive feedback of the assessment and discussion with the executive an action plan is developed. The action plan includes developmental goals and objectives and specific behavioral changes desired by the executive and the coach. This usually involves sessions with the coach, but may also include other actions such as gathering further feedback and participating in particular work place projects and assignments.

The Goal

The goal in Executive Coaching is real growth in fundamental insight and awareness as well as behavior change. Understanding individual blind spots, ironing out rough edges and improving under-developed skill areas can all be parts of the process of growth. Developing executive presence, enhancing people skills and understanding the subtleties of one's impact are often components of the goals. Coaching can be intensive and focused when time and circumstance demand, or can be more spread out and paced when the goals are more broadly developmental.

Career Coaching and Personal Development

  • Nordli, Wilson's career coaching and personal development program offers you an opportunity to spend time one-on-one with an experienced management psychologist as your career coach.
  • You participate in an intensive interview session and complete a tailored assessment designed to provide you with practical insight into your skills, talents and areas for development.
  • Following the assessment, you receive a report from the management psychologist. This is not a computerized set of generalities, but rather is a personal and interpretive guide for you in planning your career path.
  • Most importantly, you spend one-on-one time with your career coach in feedback sessions following the assessment to carve out a plan for future career development.

Who can benefit from Nordli, Wilson Associates Career Coaching?

A high-potential rising manager looking to understand his or her strengths, an executive who finds themselves at a plateau, or any individual contemplating change in their career direction and wanting to evaluate their plans or develop and refine a new career path.